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An Indefinite break


Hello Dear Readers,

I am writing you from a kind of grey and still a bit cold London. It is the first day of Spring today yet the Sun is a bit shy in showing its full rays.

After much pondering I have taken a decision that I would like to share with you. I have decided not to write on this blog anymore.

Let me tell you that this did not came as an easy decision. Writing on this blog gave me many pleasurable moments. It was great to think at stories, writing them down and then see the conversations arising. It has been great fun!

Yet, as much as I have loved this blog, this space was born as an experiment. As every experiment I feel that this one too is ready to stop.

Two major points led me to this decision.

First of all, during my time as a blogger I have seen many types of other blogs. I had the pleasure to read personal development blogs, creative writing blogs, spiritual blogs, yoga blogs, space blogs and blogs on miniaturized worlds (no kidding!). The more I read from other blogs, the less I could pick a structure to follow for mine. You may argue that the name of this blog is the Italian for Thoughts Out of Shape, therefore I should probably not care about shape too much. Although, as much as I enjoyed this freedom of expression, I need some time to redirect my writing efforts. I need a new space and a new vision. I need to find a different shape that would allow me to grow.

Second of all, and most importantly, I feel that I need to devote some time to speak to myself. I need to do writing, plenty of it, and direct it to myself to find my voice. I want to understand in a deeper way which type of writer do I want to be. I feel like I need to experiment a lot and it is difficult to do so in a space which is there mostly for others. To fully explore my new purpose in writing I feel that I need to do some writing that is directed first to myself for a while, before coming out again to a public, for small as it may be.

I hope you understand this decision.

As you can see this decision does not mean leaving writing on the shelf. It means redirecting it, exploring from another perspective to then decide how and when to come back. It is a strong act of freedom, if you like.

It has been a great pleasure to dialogue with all of you. As I said above, I had a lot of pleasure in writing for all of you. I wish you all the Best!

And who knows.. We might see each other again some day in the future!

So long,



Pirate Bay


Storms and picaresque adventures
Shook to the vessel called “My Life”.
But thanks to a coconut, fallen near by
I wake up from the nightmare of drowning.
In reality, that ship never existed
And if there were it would have never left the port.
Similarly I am never outside myself
And when I walk I caress
the green land of my heart.

Photo by: Antonella Cazzador

Bronze and the lion


A man must understand his own prayers,

that lurk inside the heart.

What we really want doesn’t come from the sin of ignorance,

but it’s a seed for growth and peace for the mind.

Understanding this we become like that lion

that removed the splinter from the paw does not attack passers-by anymore.

And in this great game the only courage that is required

is to say to ourselves who we are.

The rest is courage bronze which shine, shine,

but will never be gold.

I used to be scared of cats


“While you proclaim peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your Heart.” ~St. Francis of Assisi

There was a time when I used to be scared of cats. I simply did not know how to approach them. All the time I was trying to approach them they could simply feel the scared and uncertain energy I was bringing with me. No wonders they were either scratching me or running away. What was their alternative? They were just reacting to a feeling they could not understand. Why carry so much weight and burden if everything is fine and the intention is just to create a true contact? No wonders it wasn’t working! A similar approach occurs when we try to speak with our heart. How can we pretend it to be open, wide, wise and solid, when we approach it with a mistrusting attitude? Because the heart is very much like a cat. It is quiet, curious, playful, yet it speaks its own language. It has its own timing. There is no way to force a cat, as there is no way of forcing our heart. It simply has to play its own way. Our duty is simply to approach it with arms wide open. Just allowing it to perform its magic in a language empty of words. And then what happens? We become its silent servant. When it plays, we play. When it cries, we cry. When it rejoices, we rejoice. From this open attitude the heart will know how to repay back our trust. We are finally listening to what it has to say. And we do it its own way.

When you don’t think (Endless Love)


From the place where no word has ever been spoken

when you don’t think life just cracks open,

with endless paths, love and sometimes cries

all unfolding in front of your eyes.

And don’t judge yourself by stains of past ink

’cause in less than a blink even people pass by.

Just the time of saying “I love you” and they say good bye.

But our head make life like unravelling a skein

yet the Spirit knows no good nor bad, not merit nor blame,

no space for lost, mine or thy,

In Truth he knows nothing, not even I.

You see the no-sense to let meaning drag you down,

the Heart already loves, without knowing how.

So let yourself open up and ask for no crown,

wholeheartedly go forward, we are no king prawn!

We are like the sky, allowing stars to stay,

everyday we build each other, playing with cosmic clay.

And the Self will forgive you if you call yourself a man,

you can be John or Mary every now and then!

Just remember the galaxies way up our feet

our crazy thinking won’t stop their heat.

So in life don’t be bothered by that or this

remain as loving and unmoving Peace.