It’s all a matter of connection

Have you ever considered how what we do depends on others?

What we think, what we perceive, what we believe, all arises from a net containing the lives of all beings.

This is not something mystical, far away, detached from ordinary experience. This is ordinary experience. It is something very practical.

If you follow this blog you may know that I love meditation.

Having grown-up in Venice, Italy, I should consider meditation to be something proper of Christian monks, a practice to be performed in a Church. Instead, my idea of meditation is associated with somebody sitting crossed legs, focusing on his or her breath. And I love it!

My becoming in contact by this idea was made possible by a big, big, chain of people who were all connected to one another. This, somehow, brought this idea to me. Current technologies clearly make it easier for these ideas to flow. Yet, I cannot think but how magical all of this is.

Actually it goes deeper than that.

Not only is this connection of people nurturing us in our interests. This connection brings meaning and sustainance. Our lives litterally depend on the ones of others.

I find this to be one of world most beautiful magics, a source of inspiration and responsibility.



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