That cold, lovely, feeling


End of Winter, cold and windy days. Some few little birds appearing as a sign of an imminent Spring.

I am a big fan of Winter times, particularly when I manage to have holidays in warm and sunny places.

Yet, there is something about this season that made me think.

It all happened while feeling cold during my waiting for an apparently far away bus.

The feeling of cold. My body has a natural reaction to it.

The feeling of cold appears and my body shakes, telling me that it is better to move, to generate energy and heat.

On that evening at the bus stop I could not seem to accept the fact of experiencing a low temperature.

Yet, there is an opportunity while feeling of cold. An opportunity to listen.

If we give the feeling of cold a chance to tell its story we might see that this feeling is not that bad.  It might even be enjoyable.

Have you ever had this experience?

One starts perceiving the feeling cold all over the body. On the cheeks, on the legs, on the hands, on the neck. The cold seems unpleasant. But then a sudden shift.

The feeling of cold is not that bad. In truth it is what it is. Just a feeling.

Cold stops being unwelcomed and what appears is a chance to see it just a physical reaction of our skin to the low heat. Nothing more nothing less. It is actually a very awakening feeling.

How many other things are like that in our everyday experience? How many glares of light appear to be terrible ogres, when they are just a small play of shadows?





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