You never can tell

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Life’s most urgent and persistent question is, what are you doing for others? Martin Luther King

There is something I have realised recently by speaking with people in my life as I was getting closer to them: You never can tell.

You never can tell what people went through in their lives. You never can tell what formed them as individuals and at what price.

There might be somebody who looks extremely strong, or confident and secure. What you can’t see, though, is what it took to that person to be who they are today.

Other times you can see somebody that appears open, loving and caring. What you can’t see in that case is the fragility they might hold inside and that might lead to act unexpectedly.

There is a girl I know from a job place I was in some time ago, let’s call her Erika, that always appeared to me as being strong, committed and irradiating a sense of authority. I was extremely surprised when I gathered that she conquered that sense of authority through the difficulties of losing some loved ones in the range of few months.

Another friend of mine, let’s call him Tim, is a big and strong guy. If you look at him he’s the emblem of strength. Muscled, secure, fun. The perfect gym buddy. Well, that same guy has fall down a mountain not so long ago. No kidding. Not even in a metaphorical sense. He actually feel down a mountain. For some five hundred meters I believe. Well that person is still on his feet, going to the gym and keeping a positive attitude about life.

Another friend, Andrea might be her name, is currently going through a break-up with a guy that didn’t deserve her. She’s feeling so bad right now, yet going through is what is right for her at the moment. I still don’t know what person she will become once she’ll find the strength to grow from the ashes.

You never can tell what people went through. For this reason we need to treat everybody with compassion. For the same reason we have to commit to never give up on others.

If you somebody going through a hard moment, never give up on them. You never can tell what lovely person they will become.


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