Thoughts Out Of shape


Hello my lovely readers! There are some big news for all of you!

This blog, Pensieri Fuori Forma, has now an English version! It is called Thoughts Out Of Shape Yay!

The reason for this change is very simple. I have seen that lots of you were following this site from all around the world, USA, UK, South Africa… Why then bothering you remembering one complicated Italian name?

Also some short stories or poetries just come out naturally in Italian and when translated they loose much of their groove. Having two separate version will allow me to write in the language that feels more natural in the moment.

What will change in the version of this website? Well, not much.

The blog will still be written from a space out of shape. Creative emptiness that looks into life.

The topics of this blog will largely be the same: mindfulness and consciousness, life, and short stories.

I will keep on posting the English material on both sites. The Italian material will be posted in the Italian version only. You can follow both sites if you wish, of course!

So, I hope you will have fun following the English version. Of course you will be more than welcomed in the Italian version as well!


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