To give back


Sometimes we can get the feeling of being overwhelm by thoughts, by things to do, by business. All of these things might feel like a burden or as a reason to run with no limit in every direction.

All of these feelings, emotions and restlessness are tiring and ultimately they waste much of our spontaneity, creativity and time.

More than anything else, all of these things are just a symptom of us being caught in the bubble of our ourselves. We believe all of those impulses to be important, when ultimately they are not.

From that perspective we see things as constrained by the images we have of ourselves, of what we have to do and of where we should be. Not really a nice place to be in.

So, what could be a way to get out of that bubble? How to regain spontaneity in what we do?

One possible way is to give back.

To give back means to stop, to relax, to get out of our thought processes that want us to be at the centre of the universe and then for a while to think at what is that we can do to release the suffering of others, or simply to look at things from their perspective.

By giving back we have a change of putting ourselves to a side. We can allow ourselves to be present for somebody else. We could speak in such a way we could not speak like when being busy being busy.

Giving back doesn’t have to be something exceptional, on the contrary.

To give back might a very simple action, like a smile, a different attitude in performing our work, a volunteering activity on a Sunday, or even more simply an evening spent with a friend listening to what that friend has to say.

To give back is an opportunity for us to find value and purpose, both for ourselves and for others.

To give back can show us that we are one of the many. We have our colours, and in this sense we are special, but not more special than others.

To give back doesn’t take long, but it can make all the difference.


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