Writing, a risky adventure!


Write something. Everyday. Even when one does not know what to write. Even at the risk of looking stupid. Even when you know you don’t have much to say. Because writing is like sharpening a blade. And a blade needs constant exercise. It needs to get used to touch the flesh and go deep.

And yes, to write might give the same sense of power and discomfort that one can feel when carrying a sword on one’s side. One can feel strong, but at the same time wary.

In which adventures will this sword take us? Against who or what will we use it? Will we be able to retrieve our blow once given with our thought?

Writing is a risky adventure. Those who want to undertake it have to do it at their own risk. And the world needs people who take risks! Yet, as in every journey, it is better to be prepared. You could find yourself lost and alone in the forest of your own thoughts. And it is in there that a sharp blade can make all the difference!


Don’t worry about the picture. I am a vegetarian, so the one you seen on the chopping board is beetroot juice, not blood.


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