Samsara and mosquito bites

Japanese garden

“Ouch!”, said Mario as he got bitten by a mosquito right in the middle of the meditation hall. Mario always hated mosquitos. Most of all he hated their bites. It was since its group started the meditation session that Mario thought obsessively that somebody should have closed that damn window in that warm afternoon. Mario knew that well. He knew that during summer heath discomfort leads to open windows. Open windows lead to mosquitos. Mosquitos lead to bites. Bites, in turn, lead to additional discomfort. “The circle of pain is closed”, thought Mario as he was scratching his bitten harm, unaware of the Dharma lesson he was soon to receive. “You know”, said Marco the meditation teacher, “that’s exactly what Samsara, the wheel of pain is”. “Is Samsara the desire to open a window in a warm afternoon then?”, asked Mario. Marco smiled. Mario was not one of his fastest learning students. “That scratching is Samsara”, said Marco. “Mmmmhhh…”, replied Mario. Perhaps things started to make sense for him. We have no control on the mosquito bites that life gives us. None at all. What we have control on is the impulse to scratch. We can either follow it or not. We can be aware that the impulse to scratch is like a magnifying glass on our pain. The more we scratch the worse it gets. The worse it gets the strongest the impulse to scratch. The circle of pain is closed. And for you? What is your mosquito bite right now?


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