Beyond the restlessness

Victoria and Albert Museum

Could it be that the answer Jacke waited for so long was finally answered? Yes, Jacke finally got permission to relax and be himself completely. This permission from the biggest authority on his life Jacke could think of: himself.

The beginning of this story started not so much time ago, it started twenty eight years ago to be precise. Under some unknown circumstances (unknown to himself!), Jacke was born.

Jack always had a discrete memory of the events that concerned his life. But how it all started, why and on decision of whom he could definitely not remember. The only thing that Jacke could remember is that since, he had memory Jacke was searching for something. What that something entailed Jacke was not quite sure.

This thing Jacke had been looking for for so long seemed to constantly changing shape, taste or even position in his utopian imaginary. At times it was a desire to create, other times it was a desire to be recognised. At other times it was a desire to be safe, at other to go for risky adventures.

Jacke was constantly looking, and looking and looking. He looked into so many different sources: music, writing, art, careers, relations. Nothing was exactly able to give him the sense of peace he was really looking for. Restlessness was seemed to be the subtle state that characterised him for so many years.

This state of being was a very subtle one, like a habit that Jacke learned to embed so well that he was now able to deceive everybody around himself. Jacke was in fact a  nice a friendly person on the outside. Nothing of himself could let another being guess that his mind was always on the move, always trying to provide an answer to humanity’s most timeless question: “why are we here?”.

It was only one day, as he was walking around the corridors of the beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum in London that he could give an answer to himself. There is no particular reason why we are her and yet all we do is meaningful. But let me articulate some more to explain you the meaning of what Jacke grasped on that sunny Sunday.

To get his point you need to know that Jacke was walking around the beautiful statues of the ancient Greece. For how much he could appreciate those statues from an artistic perspective, he realised how much the message that was embedded in those statues had influenced his life.

“Symbols, this is what those statues are!”. Looking at all of those statues that he saw so many times, Jacke could finally recognise that all of those mythological stories were what they were: stories. In other words they were desire and expectations developed by people, eating a breathing just like us in the past to try and explain life around them.

Those statues ver indeed exceptional, the treasure that the most talented people of previous generations left us. But there was no embedded archetype in those statues that was not already present in Jacke’s experience of ordinary life. The excruciating simplicity of his insight shook his whole body and soul in what for him seemed like a wracking of the ceiling, but which appeared as a quiet snigger to the people around him. Life around him was enough. There was no authority out there who could tell him how to live and what to value. His intuition and his presence was enough. There was no need to master any art nor discipline. The only art to master, if any, is to master one-self, be fully open and present to what one is, beyond every teaching from the past and beyond every restlessness.

This is what Jacke realised in a moment. All the mythologies, stories and traditions did not matter. Life was joyfully unfolding, and nothing more.


If you manage to go and visit the Victoria and Albert Museum. It has a beautiful “Ideal sculpture” room which is particularly enjoyable on a Sunday afternoon.



  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    I read my story in your lines. That human condition of following after all manner of distractions has gleefully been replaced by a quiet peace. I share in your glory, my friend. It is sweet.

    • pensierifuoriforma

      That is so good to hear! For me it is becoming clearer and clearer the impulse to react. I can see it happening and I can feel the discomfort behind it. Luckily it is slowly being washed away by presence. Ah! What a relief! 😊

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