Harry’s dream – A spider tale-


It was a dark night at the small pond of Clissold Park. It was one of those nights with lights, flashes and lots of rain. It was really not desirable for a lady like Madame Agnette to go out there and get wet. Nonetheless there are times where a mother’s instinct simply takes over and drives a lady, like Agnette, into choices that a rational mind would discharge. This seems to be the case especially when offsprings are involved. An offspring was indeed what drew Agnette’s actions into that awful night. She saw him there, all alone right at the bottom of the big tree. Agnette immediately understood what the consequences of all that water would have meant for that poor creature. Although she knew that bringing unknown kids into one’s own household might one day  have lead to trouble, she could not refrain her motherly instinct. More than an instinct, to Agnette the instinct to save that small creature felt like an order she could not refuse. She just hoped that the poor creature would have grown up robust and healthy in her house, together with her hundreds other kids.

Harry was a spider who always had one dream: To walk on water.

That little fellow did not know where that crazy and uncommon dream came from. What he knew was that he always felt an impulse to master that unpredictable liquid element. He also knew that pursuing his dream would have probably not had taken him anywhere in life. Harry knew this because all his peers were interested only in becoming good web builders. None of them showed the minimum interest in water and less interest was shown for the idea of walking on it! This, however, was not good enough of a reason to stop him trying to pursue his dream.

Every day, after his web school classes (not a school about social media, but an actual school to create spider webs), Harry went all by himself near to the small pond outside the spider village to experiment new ways of achieving his dream.

Harry tried many different approaches: he put leaves under his tiny feet to balance himself on the surface, he tried to roll down a hill and then enter the pond as fast as he could and he even tried to experiment with explosives to get enough propulsion power. All of these attempts resulted in failures, one escaped drowning, a lot of laughs from his fellows and a deep worry from his mother Agnette. Yet nothing seemed to be able to distract Harry from his desire. Everyday he learned something more about the nature of water and about his own body. He was sure that all of these efforts would one day lead him to finally make his dream come true.

As years passed by all of Harry’s fellows became good craftsmen in the art of webs. Also most of them were already having few hundred offsprings. Harry.. Well Harry was just able to explain all the rules of hydrodynamic by heart (an useful skill in the human kingdom, less so among arachnoids), he developed a good knowledge of his own body, about nature, the wind, and seasons. Harry became a fast learner and most of all a person, oh excuse me, a spider, who was able to listen to the talk of the wind. In other words Harry was becoming more and more content of himself, yet, the secret of walking on water was still something beyond his grasping.

One day Harry had what he called: “The Golden Summer”. The golden summer resulted in a period of intense intellectual activity and inspiration. In a few months Harry was able to create many incredible inventions: the bubble machine deluxe, able to create protective air bubble, the leg-accelerator-2000, which moved legs incredibly quickly and the people mover, a complex system of leaves and lianas able to move people around. It is needless to say that none of those invention brought him nearer to walk on water. Most of them turned out to be useful for other uses, and they made the spider some profits as those machines turned out to solve many of his villagers’ problems.

All of this gave Harry a more comfortable life, allowing him to leave his crooked web and move to a comfortable house. Even his fellows now started to respect him and to show some signs of appreciation (even though to be seen to be near to Harry was still socially challenging!).

Nonetheless Harry dream was yet to be fulfilled…

The Golden Summer was turning to an end and Harry knew in his heart that if he wouldn’t be able to walk on water during that summer then he might as well have said goodbye to his attempts. For the first time Harry became aware that his dream might not have turned into a reality at all. For how sad this might have felt he was finally ready to accept this truth.

Harry was immersed into those thoughts as he was walking alone one day in front of the small pond of Clissold Park at the sunset. He so immersed in those reasonings that the voice he heard came with a big surprise. “Have you ever tried to just walk on it?”. Harry never heard that voice, yet it sounded as the sweetest thing he ever heard. It required just an instant to move around and see those beautiful eight eyes looking straight at him. Harry did not know what he felt in that moment. He just remembered the feeling of being overwhelmed he had the first time he almost drowned. Yet this time it was much sweeter.

Carolina, that was the name of the beautiful lady. Well you know how many stories go. Between the two it became love at first sight. She turned out to be just as gentle, smart and beautiful as you might imagine. More than everything Harry was in love with the fact that she was always able to show him how everything could be seen from a different perspective. As you can imagine Carolina made him completely forget about his dream to walk on water. This time, however, Harry had absolutely no regrets about it, on the contrary, he never felt happier in all his life!

Harry’s dream fell away completely from his consciousness until one day in which he was walking again near the pond with Carolina. They were speaking about living together, having kids and starting a family. Harry was so happy he could barely keep his smile. It was like that, without him even noticing, that Carolina made him realise that he was actually walking on the surface of the pond. It took Harry a while to recover from the surprise! He was actually walking on water! He, Harry, the little spider was finally walking on water! Without even noticing Harry made his dream come true!

How funny dreams are. At time they make little sense already to us and even less sense to others. Perhaps in reality they do not make much sense. Nonetheless there is something in dreams, in the ones that are coming straight from our hearths. They make us happy, they make us dream and especially, they give us an excuse to start a journey on which we grow, we develop and we exchange our lives with the one others, stepping into treasures were we could not possible foresee that there was one in the first place.

Well, now you know Harry’s tale. It is a true story, you know. I haven’t added any fiction in it. Ok, maybe just a little. Yet it is important every now and then to be remembered that it is good to dream, but that the best dreams are the ones we share with the people we love. And now, if you don’t believe in the Harry’s story, you can ask about it to the ducks in Clissold Park. They would be more than happy to tell you their version of it!


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