Anubi’s dream


“Life and death are of supreme importance. Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost. Each of us should strive to awaken. Awaken. Take heed, do not squander your life”. Dogen Zenji.


Tonight I had a dream.

I was fighter, going through adventures with my fellow comrades.

All of us were fighting so hard, showing-off all of our skills.

Martial arts, bombs, and arrows.

All looked so cool, so advanced and impressive.

In our pride we were ready to get the treasure and save the princess.

We were ready for glory.

Until we reached those golden gates.

Inside them a calm Anubis was waiting for us.

The God of death was looking at us, speechless.

At first he didn’t move while standing in front of a curtain made of silk.

Then he decided to share his wisdom.

“I feel for you, humans”, said the God while picking a rose.

“Your faith is like the one of this flower,

Once it will pass through this curtain it will suddenly be gone”.

Upon those Godly words he gently moved the thin curtain

And in an instant the flower disappeared in flow of bubbles.

There was no malignant intention in Anubis’ words.

He was just showing us a matter of fact.

No matter the fight, no matter the effort,

Even the best heroes will one day be forced to go,

Just like that flower.

This recognition flew into the company’s veins so deeply,

Like breeze passing through the tress at spring.

And then there was suddenly no interest anymore on fights, swords and long-bows.

We could just embrace what the God said to us, we could just embrace truth.

Everything on this heart is meant to go one day.

Sooner or later, it doesn’t matter.

We became good friends with that kind God.

He allowed us to stay with him for a while, to contemplate

And drink from his own wisdom.

We all started with strive for adventures in our heads,

But we did not knew that we were meant to realise the biggest of adventures:

Facing a truth so powerful that you can’t even surrender to it anymore.


Well this was my dream, dear reader.

It left me with a big sense of peace, still running through my hands.

And it told me of marvellous things that are so true that once you seen them

They immediately become part of you, with no distinction.

I hope it will give you the same sense of rest it gave to me,

And I hope it will open your hearth to the sense of marvel.

More than this I cannot say,

What stands beyond the thin curtain will always be a mystery.


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