“Be empty of worrying. / Think of who created thought! / Why do you stay in prison / When the door is so wide open?” J. Rumi

How many times do we find ourselves chasing thoughts that take what we are, that immense space of love, and twist our perception of it in our minds. What is the need of following all of this? Thoughts are what they are, thoughts, and they all arise from nothing. Sometimes some stories, or versions of our selves, arise from that which we have already dropped, but that perhaps we are still afraid to say goodbye to. Do not be afraid of your own thoughts. To be scared of them would mean to be like that dog who is afraid of his own shadow. In reality the relationship with the shadow of our own thoughts is very different: wherever our attention go the thoughts follow, that’s all. But it is up to us to understand the nature of this relationship and possibly not allow those thoughts to become like an unbeatable monster. The truth, for how uncomfortable it might feel, is that we are already free from preconceived ideas of ourselves. The door for ourselves is already open, provided that we say the magic word. What we need, in short, just to say Yes.



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