All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the spirit. K. Gibran

One day, as I was travelling in a place far far away, I’ve heard those words being spoken by a wise man. He was smiling, with a long board and a round face. I am not sure I’ve got all he was saying. To most of it I’m still trying to find some sense. Yet, it seems to be something hard to shake off, as in strange ways it still resonates with me…

“Among all animals the human being is the one which is nearer to the search for the Spirit. In truth his search is fundamental for his health and complete development.

While searching one should not be diverted by the word Spirit. Words sum up concepts and concepts are like a pair of gloves. Even if from the outside one can see the glows moving, it doesn’t mean that they move by themselves. What moves them is what dwells inside, what is alive.

Similarly one does not have to make much effort to meet with the Spirit. You can see it everyday in the small things without pretension. All of those things we notice when we are not distracted.

The reflections of this Spirit can be seen in many tiny mirrors scattered in this world: the eyes of a kid, a smile, a kind gesture, or the blowing of the wind flowing through the hairs when one walks in the park.

The secret to get in contact with this Spirit is always one: to travel lightly. One has to leave the burden of expectations and demands.

All of those claims in life are like heavy suitcases which we lift one our heads. In reality we could easily leave those suitcases in the closet while we enjoy the trip.

What we need will always be given to us, whether we know it or not. And often what we need arrives in unexpected ways and always outside the mental map of the world we drew.

The wise thing is then to make a step behind and present ourselves to the world with open heart and with a good intention empty of illusions.

We just need to make the first step. The where and how will come by themselves”.



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