When in doubt…


One day a wise friend of mine told me:

“When in you are in doubt always put compassion first.

Calm down, relax and take one step back.

What is moving your actions? What do you want to achieve?

Which need are you covering up? And most of all,

Which effect your action will have on others?

In this world we all are a big family. Not in the naive sense of the word, but in its deeper and truer sense. And to any family one owns the right attention. And attention requires patient, calm and concentration.

Life is big, chaotic and unpredictable already. But it is also beautiful. Hence if you feel in doubt, or in confusion, accept it. It is part of life.

But when you will move your hand and you will take an action think again at your big family and think how your action will impact on it.

In this world which spins around and around, always put compassion first.

You will discover that your happiness is not alone, but it’s the daughter of the happiness of others. And both lay beyond what is the bubble of our own individuality.

Hence remember, always remember, when you can always put compassion first.

And may the Universe give you the fruit of its humble happiness.”

I just wanted to share his advice with you… I hope it might bring you some light if you need it…





  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    Such good advice. For me, I had to learn to have compassion for myself first. It truly helped me to understand my oneness with others.

    • pensierifuoriforma

      It is good advice indeed. I am also learning the way of self-compassion. In the way I have found so much self-judgement, self-doubt and rigidity I was not even aware of. Luckily with practice all of those negative aspects just disappear to a good extent and what stays is so sweet and vast!

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