Neither of them would ever had imagined that after so much time spent with the circus of Prague, Pawel and Yelena Julich seemed to have become sedentary people. Not that they decided it on purpose. Like most things that happened in their lives, even this last one occurred to them almost by accident. Everything happened when, after an unexpected storm, the circus decided for the first time to make a diversion to the small town of Magicville. Neither Pawel nor Yelena could say what was in the air of that town that attracted them so much. Yet, both of them never felt so happy since they had left Serbia for the first time. More than happy they both seemed to have fallen into a state of grace. In the three days of the show they did in that town every step of the trapezoid seemed to happen without any effort. Even the triple pike, their showpiece, seemed to have just happened by itself, as easy as jumping into a puddle. Nonetheless, despite their almost euphoric state, neither of them had taken into account the possibility to settle. Maybe both of them were so used to move that it now became embedded into their DNA. It was only when the time to move came that it became clear that their life plans were about to change forever. On that they, in fat, their faithful RV-house decided that it had enough of travelling. Even the blockbuster did not manage to move it of those few meters that might have started the battery once more. Pawel and Yulia were to the difficulties of an itinerant life, hence they did not immediately lost heart. On that morning they with Franck, the director of the circus, which shown to be very understanding. He agreed with the acrobats that they would reach the circus in the next town on the tour plan the following week, nothing that could not be sorted out. For the two acrobats it would have been enough just to find a mechanic, take a break in the beautiful bay of the town and then let Magicville behind. Everything seemed easy and decided. The only issue was that three weeks passed by already from that conversation with Frank. Neither Yelena nor Pawel could figure out where the time had flown as they were having nice walks at the sunset of Magicville. It was only after those few weeks that Yelena became aware that she started to have thoughts she never believed she could ever have. “How would it be to settle in a place? What feeling would it give to see every day the same buildings and the same faces? Passing a year without a change in the environment must feel like an eternity, or perhaps not?”. Those were the thoughts that started to pop-up more and more frequently. Perhaps these were exactly those things that her grandmother tried to put on guard on. “Do not stay in the same place more than the necessary, Yielena!” That’s what she used to tell her. “We circus people are children of the wind and the wind, as you know, has no patience. If you let him waiting he will leave you and you will become like those boulders that remain throughout life still in one place”. “To stand still in one place, now that’s a strange concept” thought Yelena by herself. “Yet all the boulders I have seen in my life did not seem to be doing badly. Moss was growing on them, squirrels were hiding under their acorns and porcupines were making their dens under them. Perhaps at the end of the day being a still rock for a while was maybe not that bad. Maybe being still for a while might meant to be secure”. No, what he was thinking! Yelena had to shake those thoughts out of her head! Yeah, that’s what she was ought to do. Shake those thoughts away and then have a talk with Pawel. He would have understood and they they could have reached the circus once more. Yes, reaching the circus, that was a good idea.. Not before enjoying another beautiful sunset over the Gulf of Magicville though…


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