The hot pot


So, here is my fresh new theory on life. It might sound funny, but I believe it works.

For me life is like a hot pot. Yes, it’s true! Let me explain!

I believe we are in this place, the world, to understand and deepen the relationship with ourselves and our connection with others and life. The deepening of this relationship requires us to get to know and understand better our minds and hearts, learning more about what we do and why.

This requires us to open up and fully experience our fragility, which is really scary.

We all are fragile, no exception. Most people are probably not at ease with fragility hence it might happen some try to cover that sense of fragility with things like alcohol, smoke, putting on masks etc (we all do it to some extent).

Yet, that very sense of fragility is what makes all of us human. Fragility softens us. It gives us a chance to see things from a different perspective and to be really touched.

What is very difficult is to learn how stick to this sense of fragility. To really make a chance in our point of view on life we have to be able to stick to that sense of fragility and not run away from it. That is what leads to a solid change. Yet it also is the most difficult thing to do. Here is where the hot pot takes over!

When you are using a hot pot to cook, all the food has to cook patiently until it is ready. If cooked too little your meal will be difficult to digest. If you rush and turn up the heat too much your food will burn. Over-cooking will also lead to something unbearable. Everything has its own time. Every dish has its own recipe and every recipe requires attention.

So, if you look at it from this perspective, we actually have a great opportunity in here. We can see all of our experiences being the food of the universe and our fragility to be our own cooking in life’s big pot. Both the good ones and the bad ones. Our responsibility is then to be a good and healthy food for our universe. Isn’t it great? Yummmmm!!!!



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