The tale of Jack the lucky pirate



After many past adventures at sea it seemed that Jack’s time had come., Jack had seen a lot in his life, even for a pirate. He had managed to get out of the Secrets Prison of Caracas, sneak off the revolt of Bermuda and had stolen the three-cornered hat of the Governor of Jamaica (former pirate Sir Henry Morgan). This series of adventures, and his ability to remain unscathed had earned him the nickname of Lucky Jack. However, this time his luck seemed to be missing in action .

It had been a few weeks since the strongest storm that the inhabitants of Tortuga had ever seen had taken away much of Lucky Jack’s fleet. For an expert pirate such as Jack, it was all too clear that he couldn’t remain a captain for too long without a fleet to command towards treasure. This was made increasingly more difficult by having the navy of the Governor, the Killers of the Caribbean Bank and the Band of Black Sails at his heels.. Finally, it was the latter that were able to get their hands on Lucky Jack after that terrible storm. It was precisely that storm which allowed them to capture Captain Jack the Lucky.

The fateful night of the storm, the ships of the Black Sails were just outside Hidden Port, normally the safest port in the Caribbean. On that night Jack, knowing the plans of his rivals, redirected his fleet to launch a final attack on the rival gang. However, that night the gang of Black Sails became intoxicated on a colossal amount of rum and forgot to release the anchor! When the storm hit, the ships of the Black Sails were caught in the (uncharacteristically calm) high sea, , while Hidden Harbour and Lucky Jack’s fleet were almost overwhelmed by the storm. During the shipwreck Jack was hit on the head by a fallen tree. By some miracle, he managed to cling to a floating barrel. He thought he might have made the usual charmed escape as the barrel took him out of the storm in the high sea. This was not the case and now Jack had to deal with the truth: he was been caught. Jack found it hard to accept that he had been captured and not the captor. Especially it was difficult for Jack to see things from that new perspective. Jack was on the ocean side of a deck of a ship with the howling band of Black Sails and a lit cannon pointed directly at him. Not a nice Tuesday for a pirate! Yet, strange as it may seem, Jack felt something positive in his being there. In a strange way, Jack sensed was that this was the situation that gave reason to his existence.  In that instant, Jack realized that for the first time in the long years of creating his legendary status, this was the first time he had ever stood still.. Could it be that this was the fatal moment in which Jack could manage to get rid of the sense of adrenaline that had characterized the last forty-five years? At any rate Jack could see the scene around him unfolding him in slow motion. Just like in the movies . As the scene was unfolding, Jack felt completely calm. It was as if what was happening out there did not concern him at all. The fuse of the cannon was burning down and Jack was given the last chance to absorb the world around him. There was the ugly faces of the gang of Black Sails whom Jack could not feel any hatred for. On the contrary, looking at them Jack felt as if his life had always been a canvas on which a crazed painter would throw colours at random and that had now magically returned to white. What Jack did notice were things which up until that moment had little importance. Like the scar on the face of one of the pirates, the one with the sword between his teeth. Who knows how he got that scar or whether it was painful? Jack could see the door to the enemy’s captain’s room whose handle was definitely tampered with. Was there someone in their crew trying to scrub their captain? Then there was the skinny lookout who was watching the scene from above. Unlike other pirates, he did not seem to be so excited by the scene at hand. Had he perhaps seen too much in his life? More than anything, Jack noticed the presence of the Sun. It was so big, beautiful and brilliant. For his whole life the sun had done the same job: rose in the west and set in the east. Every day that same Sun had been there with it’s presence and warmth. That was all, it was simple. On that day on the bridge of his opponent’s ship, Jack could feel the Sun’s heat getting inside him making everything more sweet, even the brunt of cannon ball that had flung him backwards. How great did the Sun from that new perspective? It seemed as if Jack could just lie into it. However, Lucky Jack was and had always been a very sharp-minded person. He knew that the Sun was not his final destination but rather the sea and strong possibility of sharks. The moment just before the outbreak of the gun gave him a strange confidence that was beyond his pirate logic. His life had always been as it was: perfect . It didn’t matter that many other people (including his mother) may have considered it deplorable. On that day Jack finally understood the meaning of the word eternal.  It was this sense of conviction that gave him a sense of calm even when his body was wrapped, semi-conscious, in the water and his vision clouded. On his way down into the abyss Jack could not feel a trace of bitterness. But then who knows if his adventures were really finished? Perhaps there were many more waiting for him at the bottom of the sea…


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