Sometimes it seems to me like the whole world is looking for healing. We constantly hear words like heal yourself, heal others, heal the world or mother nature. Healing in its common sense is now the most inflated slogan. But what if we don’t need any healing? What if there is no existential wound and we are fine just as we are, contradictions included? There would be no need to hide, to be tense, to attack back. If we believe this wound into existence then our attempt to heal is like trying to fix a hole in our clothes by putting a finger into it. The more we try the bigger it gets. “When you look into darkness, darkness looks into you” said Nietsche. If we adopt this view then we create the need to look for remedies. Those remedies might be called alcohol, drugs, sex, work or religion. Other times those remedies might come in the attempt to cure others, when the healer itself might have to be cured. But what you may call a true healer is not bothered by all of this. He knows the what we perceive as a wound is not real and that everything is just as it is. If there is anger then the hands will hitch. If there is delusion the tummy will gloom. It there is a blue moment tiers might arise. But he knows that all of that is just momentary and eventually it will wash away by itself allowing for pain to transform itself. The only thing required is to recognise the illusory nature of our perceptions and embrace emptiness as our real nature. This way life will find the space to leave down all the spines it carried along the way, making our way much easier. Others too will find space in which to be a bit freer. So trust me when I say that the world needs no more healers and that our wounds will take care of themselves. All of those things are like camphor. Once burned by the strength of our seeing, they will disappear, leaving no trace.   Photo by: http://handsuwe.wordpress.com/



  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    Many find it agitating that we may “believe our wounds into existence”, but I know that it is true. The only way I found to alleviate a host of health problems was to stop making them the focus of my life and to give compassionate awareness to the stories that had created them. 95% of my problems have disappeared, just with simple awareness. Bless you for speaking on this topic.

    • pensierifuoriforma

      Hi Stillness (may I call you this way?), thank you for your comment. I agree with what you have said. Most of the limitations that we experience (and that eventually end up in chronic conditions) are coming from a lack of compassion to our selves. Very often we have a need that we do not dare to express therefore we create so many stories which we go after to avoid the bigger issue. Very often those issues are also relatively simple to address if we decide to embrace them. It might not always be easy, but it is 99% of the times something doable. Often also not addressing issues directly creates false needs. I have found the description of this phenomenon made by Tsultrim Allione in the book called “Feed your demons” to be very clear and direct. In there she says that what appears as a dark side in us is in reality something which wants recognition and compassion. Once this is provided the strength behind that false need has no reason to exist and it disappears, exactly like what you have described. Awareness and compassion lead to a real transformation, if we dare to look. I strongly recommend it. Thanks! 😊

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