From here to the end of the year


“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”


Recently I have been struck by one thought. Living in a big city like London one is often tempted by too many distractions. There is noise while walking in the street, the daily trip to work means packed people in the tube and new stimuli always try to catch your attention. This is even more the case when one is looking for distraction to shake off the stress of the day. The search for comfort is too tempting and far too easy to achieve, therefor all of this distractions shift ones attention leading to ones own energies dispersed and fragmented. The same is true for finances. All of those resources (which are such because they are scarce!) could be used much more wisely if spent mindfully, rather than going after comfort food, weekend overspending or useless activities. Ultimately a little more mindfulness on this side could lead to much more security, more freedom and ultimately to more satisfaction. So here comes the idea: become much more mindful of the use of resources from here to the end of the year.

What this would mean in practice

The idea is to avoid all the necessary distractions and expenses until the 31st of December. For me this implies not eating out too often, not buy books I’ll read sporadically and try to select which activities to pursue over the week end. To be truthful for me this also means not to spent too much time browsing the internet or the social media (why are they called social if one ends up spending time alone, anyway?). Of course it is impossible not to buy anything from here to the end of the year, nor to avoid every kind of fun, so here’s my plan. From here to the end of the year I will: a) Eat out once a week (excluding special occasions like birthdays, in which I will also try to spend less), b) eat home cooked food at work, c) no coffees (bye latte), d), no comfort food while stressed after work , e) no personal expenses unless strictly necessary, f) no additional activities unless free, g) internet once a day (bye social media), h) no procrastination on activities/projects, f) exercise. This might seem strict and with no room for fun, but this is not the case. All this focus might lead to more fun, better fun, smarter fun. A form of fun which leads you with more space to create, much more appreciation of the moment and more freedom.


Of course I cannot do all of this by myself. That’s why I decided to post this commitment in this space. Also I will make this clear to my family and friends so they, hopefully, can support me. So the challenge begins. Nothing special, just learning to say no. It is going to be fun! And if I think about it, this challenge for the vast majority of world is no challenge at all, which makes it even more hard to give up! Wish me good luck!



  1. Ijeoma Ajibade

    That’s a real challenge Niccolo but I hope it leads to a more creative time for you. A lovely post though. I hope you share the experience with us 🙂

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