Learning to Fall


Sometimes we must learn how to fall, and fall harder, fall better,

touching the ground so many times that one more doesn’t matter.

We might want to fall with arms wide open

as something will heal what now seems to be broken.

Falling in front, falling back, or in ways we don’t expect,

the trick is only one: never try to protect!

Otherwise we’ll loose what matters the most,

with our blind desire to be safe at any cost.

We’ll loose the lesson that life wants to give

so now, my friend, learn to fall, learn to live!



  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    There are truly great lessons in falling. Eventually falls simply become “what is”…..more floating than falling..

    • pensierifuoriforma

      I fully agree! The best way to do that is just to accept it and don’t fight it. More accepting than judging. This is what can transform a fall into a beautiful learning experience. 🙂

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