I used to be scared of cats


“While you proclaim peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your Heart.” ~St. Francis of Assisi

There was a time when I used to be scared of cats. I simply did not know how to approach them. All the time I was trying to approach them they could simply feel the scared and uncertain energy I was bringing with me. No wonders they were either scratching me or running away. What was their alternative? They were just reacting to a feeling they could not understand. Why carry so much weight and burden if everything is fine and the intention is just to create a true contact? No wonders it wasn’t working! A similar approach occurs when we try to speak with our heart. How can we pretend it to be open, wide, wise and solid, when we approach it with a mistrusting attitude? Because the heart is very much like a cat. It is quiet, curious, playful, yet it speaks its own language. It has its own timing. There is no way to force a cat, as there is no way of forcing our heart. It simply has to play its own way. Our duty is simply to approach it with arms wide open. Just allowing it to perform its magic in a language empty of words. And then what happens? We become its silent servant. When it plays, we play. When it cries, we cry. When it rejoices, we rejoice. From this open attitude the heart will know how to repay back our trust. We are finally listening to what it has to say. And we do it its own way.


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