When you don’t think (Endless Love)


From the place where no word has ever been spoken

when you don’t think life just cracks open,

with endless paths, love and sometimes cries

all unfolding in front of your eyes.

And don’t judge yourself by stains of past ink

’cause in less than a blink even people pass by.

Just the time of saying “I love you” and they say good bye.

But our head make life like unravelling a skein

yet the Spirit knows no good nor bad, not merit nor blame,

no space for lost, mine or thy,

In Truth he knows nothing, not even I.

You see the no-sense to let meaning drag you down,

the Heart already loves, without knowing how.

So let yourself open up and ask for no crown,

wholeheartedly go forward, we are no king prawn!

We are like the sky, allowing stars to stay,

everyday we build each other, playing with cosmic clay.

And the Self will forgive you if you call yourself a man,

you can be John or Mary every now and then!

Just remember the galaxies way up our feet

our crazy thinking won’t stop their heat.

So in life don’t be bothered by that or this

remain as loving and unmoving Peace.


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