Being yourself

is like falling


in what we call

our life.

By really allowing it

to happen,

despite any control

or desire,

is like continuously fall

into our present moment.

Leave aside

the itch of the mind

to judge, control

or conceptualise.

It doesn’t matter

if “you” don’t get it.

There is no “you”

who needs to be like a scribe

of existence.

Allow it to flow.

Just do it.

There’s nobody,


who is living life.

There is just life,

without any intermediary.

Whatever there is,

joy or sorrow,

is already here.

Arising from this space

of emptiness.

And going back again

into emptiness.

No need to leave any trace

in this game.

As traces,

are just an impediment

to truth.

A needless burden

in this wonder.


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