Grace, who are you?

You are the source,

inside me,

that shows the harmony of the world,

despite the attempts

of my ego

to crush everything in darkness.

You are the ocean,

inside us,

that swallows even selfishness itself.


you are our true and deepest name,

’cause you don’t run away

even in the moments of despair.


you are me

and I am you.

And what we find,

in our hearts,

is not only ours

it is fresh water,

available to all beings.

The more we share it

the more it shines.

Please, grace,

replace me.

Replace my ego.

Let me disappear in your love

and harmony.

Don’t make me believe

to be this small and limited


Show me your real face,

that dwells in our hearts.

Because I am yours

and you are mine.

Beyond every boarder,

My heart is yours.


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